"Cuba" - as imaged representation
Cuba is an island country floating in the Caribbean Sea. Malecón Street in Havana is one of the representation of Cuba, and the art also functions as Cuban representation.

Unifying space
Havana is the center place of Cuban classical music. In the area of Old Havana where tenement houses are built up densely, there are historical churches and halls for the concert. On the other hand, in Vedado area where apartments are dotted, it performs many events of international festival and national orchestra on the National Theatre, which is Cuba's largest one located beside the Revolution Square. There are also institutes of artists in this district . And in suburban Playa side where are many House, National University of Art (ISA) and ·National high school of Art (ENA) where most of Cuban musicians graduate are placed on. Musicians unify these different spaces by coming and going in everyday life, and create Art network of Havana.

Becoming place, becoming artist

Around the musical situation, we are able to recognize that some spaces become places for music such as university of music and some people become artists for music.