Academic Position

- Research Associate, Faculty of Education and Integrated Arts and Sciences, Waseda Univesity

- Lecturer,  Tokyo Zokei University,  Saitama Institute of Technology

- Lecturer,  Saitama Institute of Technology


Research Interests

- Art (Music) : Experimental Music, Jazz Music, Folk Music, Classical Music

- Anthropology : Experience, Tuning, Learning and Improvisation, Earth (Erde)

                                  Modernity, Sociocultural  Change

- Area : America (Cuba), Asia (Japan, South Korea)



- "Succession Process in the Dynamics of Transnational Folkloric Music"
    M.A. Thesis  (University of Tokyo, Anthopology)

- "An Introduction to the Street Music Study"

    M.A. Thesis  (Joetsu University of Educaion, Pedagogy)

- "Songs in Daily Life"

    B.A. Thesis  (Kunitachi College of Music, Music)


Awards & Honors

2014  "Ethnography of Life and Art: Correlation between creation and social change of classical music in contemporary Cuba", Fellowship Award, Japan Association of University Women


Main Published Papers

- "A Man Possessed by Musical Instrument: An Anthropological Note on Mutual Relations of “Objects”"

Bulletin of the Faculty of Human and Social Studies, Saitama Institute of Technology  13 31-41 2015

- "Toward an Anthropology of Art of "Becoming": Reflections on Two Caces in Latin America" 

Interdisciplinary Cultural Studies 19 101-117 2014

- "Social Change in Contemporary Cuba (2) : Survival Strategy of the Nation and the People " Journal of World Affairs 9 102-117 2014

- "Social Change in Contemporary Cuba (1) : From Strategic Culture of the United States" Journal of World Affairs 7・8 101-115 2014

- "Tradition/ Modern, Convergence of Arts: An Anthropological Perspective on Experiencing Sound" Culture and Representation 9 22-49 2013

- "Nonverbal Communication with Respect to "Performing Art Value": A Case Study in the Meaning of "NONGAK" in South Korea" Next Generation of Social Sciences and Humanities Research 5 296-315 2009

- "The Street Music in Tokyo: Creation and Transformation of Urban Soundscape" Soundscape 5 27-34 



- Book Review: "Yamada Yoichi, Music and Body: Resounding through the Being-in-the-World (2008)" 57(2) 111-112  2012

- (Translation) Kunu-NAM "The Contest of the Folk and Arts-ization" Colloquium Folklore Society of Japan 847 web  2010

- (Translation) Sujin-CHO "Cultural Heritagization of Folk and Globalization" Colloquium Folklore Society of Japan 847 web  2010

- "A Study on the Process of Improvisation in Jazz" Essays of Musicology, HEISEI 13 with Graduate of JOETSU University of Education  


Conference Activities & Talks

- "Shared Experience" of Music: a Case Study from the Practice of “Classical Music” in Cuba International Symposium "Comparative Reflexivities" PD/PhD Workshop  Hitotsubashi University 16 Nov 2014 (en)
- "Unas Experiencias del Sonido: desde la Visión de los Músicos Experimentales hacia la Música Folklórica en la Sociedad Moderna" "Sala Fernando Ortiz" Centro de Investigacion y Desarrollo de la Musica, Cuba.  28 Jan 2014 

- Concierto Comentario "Cantar: como Raizes de la Música" Museo de Artes Decorativas, Cuba.  23 Nov 2013 (es)

- "Generation of Classical Music in Society in the Modern Era: On "Art-like" Special Issue: Art and Anthropology, Contemporary Anthropology Workshop 85, University of Tokyo.  Jun 2012 

- Commentator, “Record and Memory via Considerations of Things”. East Asian Anthropology workshop 31, Tokyo Metropolitan University.   Mar 2012 

- "Experience and Body of Becoming Together Through  Music", The Society for Research in Asiatic Music 62, Kyoto University of Education.   Oct 2011 

- "Rethinking "Orality"" Workshop in East Japan with The Musicological Society of Japan 1, Tokyo University of the Arts.   Apr 2011 

- "What is the Meaning of Differences Created by Transnational Music?" Transnationality of Anthropology and Civil Society, National Museum of Ethnology Seminar Encouraging Young Researchers, National Museum of Ethnology.   Nov 2010 

- Interpreter, International Workshop "Cultural Heritage and Folklorism" Folklore Society of Japan 847, SEIJYO University.    Jan 2010 

- "Succession Process in the Dynamics of "Transnational" Folkoric Music" Workshop in KANTO Area with Japanese Society of Cultural Anthropology, TOYO University.   Mar 2010   

- "Current Inheritance of the Performing Arts -- A Case Study of PUNGMUL in Urban South Korea" Association for Korean Culture 34, The University of Tokyo.  Mar 2010 

- Introduction to Yonho-HO's Essay "Saving and Tradition of Folk Drama as Intangible Cultural Heritage" Research Meeting of Team(B) with Japanese Society for the Promotion of Science, The University of Tokyo.   Jan 2009 

- "Toward "Performing Art Value" of Intangible Cultural Heritage --the case of NONGAK in South Korea" Academic Forum for Nest Generation, Soul University.   May 2008 

- "What is the street music?" The Japanese Association for the Study of Popular Music 16, Tokyo University of the Arts.   

- "Creation and Transformation of Urban Soundscape" The Japanese Association for the Study of Popular Music 14, DAITO University of Culture.   


Research Grants & Projects

- Representation of "Pleasure": SHIKOHIN Culture of Popular Music in Havana, SHIKOHIN Study Project, Project year(s): FYApr 2015 -  FYOct 2016

- Studies on the Transformation of Artistic Experience: Body and Elementary Music Education in Modern Cuban Society The Shibusawa Foundation, Project year(s): FYMar 2013 - FYMar 2014 

- Tradition and Modern on "Art like situation" The University of Tokyo: Global studies program, Project year(s): FYOct 2012 - FYJan 2013 

- Nonverbal Communication with Respect to "Performing Art Value" RISONA Foundation for Asia and Oceania, Project year(s): FYMar 2009 - FYMar 2011 

- Research Assistant: Japanese Society for the Promotion of Science, Project year(s): FYApr 2008 - FYMar 2010


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